About Us

About Merlink Comms

Merlink Communication is an Internet Provider who is currently engaged in the process of establishing a series of towers to serve as access nodes for Ultra High speed internet not currently available in the rural areas of Lambton County.

We differ from other providers because we offer Fiber direct to most towers not backhauled to many towers. This allows us to provide the best possible service to the customer whether residential or businesses.

The process has been an incremental one expanding from the network centre of Sarnia to a network that will include towers established at several locations to service areas underserved by existing providers.

We are also utilizing the latest technology currently available thus improving the current capabilities, increasing available delivered speeds and keeping costs down.


After a long startup process in 2017 we have finished all pre-contruction requirements are have started the build process. 

February 2018

Tower construction meeting, just waiting for final contractors proposals‚Äč

March 2018

Fiber pre-construction meeting - should have a rough date for installation to the tower soon (rough distance fiber to tower 100M). Once the fiber install has started we will start the tower build.

August 2018

Yipee!!! Tower has ben errected and is currently being configured. We should be testing by the week of Aug 20... If you can see the tower behind the Sombra Library then email sales@merlinkcomm.ca with your full name, address and phone number and we will add you to our install list.

September 2018

Installations have started with some good results, we have a few customers that are getting 50Mb/s, we are still tweeking but all looks good!

March 2019

Port Lambton tower coming soon!

September 2020

We have achieved speeds of over 200M when testing at clients site. Charted 125 Mb/s.

October 2020

We currently have 5 towers in the Plympto-Wyoming area and we are continuing to expand the network. If you have a tower, silo, or any high building that we could use to cover your local area and community please contact us and lets discuss this opportunity.

September 2021

The past year and a half was a complete blur. We started off not even able to complete builds from lack of equipment to lack of workers. The past few monts have been much better as business starts to move forward. Hopefully the upward momentum will continue. Our Project 1 now has 5 Towers and 4 sub towers and our project 2 (Plympton-Wyoming) has 6 main towers and 3 sub towers. If you know anybody with a silo or other high building or structure have them call us and lets see what we can do with their facility.

If you can see our tower behind the library then call now to get hooked up!